Fells School – History Mystery, February 2014

February 14, 2013 Question

Does this building look familiar?  Not only does it still stand today, but it’s very much in use, as busy as ever. While the surroundings have clearly changed, you may recognize its distinctive shape and small size.  (Hint: Book and history lovers recently came to this beloved building’s rescue.)”

February 28, 2013 Answer

This circa 1900 photograph shows what was then the Unionville School and is now the Fells Branch Library, located at 308 Weston Road.  The oldest public building in Wellesley, it has a proud history.  Originally named the Northwest School (1858-1876), it was renamed the Unionville School (1876-1907) and then became the Fells School (1903-1923).  In 1923 the current Hardy School was built to much fanfare, and when the children moved across the street, the little schoolhouse was converted to the branch library that we know today.