1907 High School – History Mystery, March 2017

March 15, 2017 – Question

Wellesley has utilized many buildings at various locations to house its high school students over the years.  The building shown above was the High School from 1907-1938.  Do you know where it was located? Hint: it was located on the site of one of Wellesley’s current schools. Return on March 30th for the answer!

March 30, 2017 – Answer

Shortly after building a high school at 324 Washington Street in 1893, Wellesley realized that it would need a bigger building to accommodate increasing enrollment.  A new Wellesley Senior High School building, shown above, was built in 1907 on Kingsbury Street. The next High School was built on Rice Street and opened in 1938. Time was not kind to the Kingsbury Street facility; it stood abandoned for years and was taken down after World War II to make way for the Junior High School, now called the Wellesley Middle School.

For more information about the Wellesley High School at 324 Washington, now known as the Phillips Park apartments, click here to see our History Mystery Blog from June 2015.

Kathleen Fahey, Curator and Alden Ludlow, Contract Archivist