High School Students Complete Senior Project

June 12, 2018

Wellesley High School Seniors Max Perozek and Thomas Weiss (left to right) joined the Wellesley Historical Society for their senior project this spring. Max and Thomas committed a significant amount of time in their 4th quarter to complete the project and we are thankful for their efforts. They processed hundreds of historic photos in the Townsman Collection by removing harmful adhesive tape, transferring important information about each photo onto acid-free paper, and placing them in protective sleeves. The photos dated from the 1980’s-1990’s and include images of several elementary schools and the high school. Thanks to their efforts, these photos are now available for research.

We wish the best to Max and Thomas as they head off to college in the fall!

Left to right: Thomas is carefully removing adhesive tape which was used by the Townsman staff to affix the date and subject to each photo.

Max wears white cotton gloves while handling the photos so that oils from his hands do not transfer to the photos.

Kathleen Fahey, Curator

Art in Bloom!

May 16, 2018

Spring brings our annual collaboration with the Hills Garden Club of Wellesley as they select an item from the Wellesley Historical Society collection to inspire floral arrangements. This year, the HGCW chose “On the Porch,” a 1906 oil painting by Wellesley’s own Mary Brewster Hazelton (1868-1953).  Six groups presented their elegant interpretations of Hazelton’s painting at their 2018 annual meeting on May 10th at the Wellesley Country Club. Kathleen Fahey, Curator of the Wellesley Historical Society, was on hand to speak to the HGCW about the painting and the artist.

Mary Brewster Hazelton was a distinguished Wellesley artist known for her portraiture, landscapes, and murals. “On the Porch” depicts a family enjoying afternoon tea. The Hazelton home at 319 Washington Street, Wellesley, was the likely backdrop for this painting and the models are the artist’s family; her mother and father are seated on the right and her two sisters, Margaret and Olivia are on the left.

For more information about Mary Brewster Hazelton, click here.

Kathleen Fahey, Curator