The Classic Thanksgiving Meal: Turkey with all the Fixings

November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving greeting and postcards were uncommon until circa 1907, when manufacturers of the new divided-back postcards found they could market cards for virtually any holiday. The Wellesley Historical Society Greeting Card and Picture Postcard Collection contains many fine examples of these early cards, dating from 1908 to 1912.
Many of the Thanksgiving cards in our collection depict turkeys. Fowl has long been a holiday custom in Britain, usually roast goose. When British colonists arrived in America, they continued the tradition, but with turkey. Turkeys grew fast, grew fat, and fed many. We have selected three turkey-themed cards for your pleasure. The first features the turkey in all his nobility, flanked by some fixings. The second features a menu for a “Grand Dinner in Honor of Thanksgiving,” listing all the things a good early 20th century celebration would include. The third card features, well, President Turkey, of course!
Have a happy and safe holiday!

Alden Ludlow, Intern from the Simmons MLS program