2021 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to Our 2021 WHS Jim Marcotte Scholarship Award Recipients!

Under the auspices of the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation, two high school students were chosen to receive the Society’s 2020 scholarship awards: Rheanna Lee and Andrew Pini.


“The Wellesley Historical Society’s Scholarship Fund mission is to inspire public involvement in and appreciation of Wellesley’s heritage and culture to Wellesley Youth in their endeavor to further their studies via trade school, two- year or four-year institutions.”

The Society’s scholarship program was proposed by Wellesley Historical Society board member Jim Marcotte and his wife, Kim Dow. Board members Gerry Murphy and Andrea Valente were part of the scholarship committee, which set guidelines for the awards.

By establishing the scholarship awards, the Society is also hoping to diversify its membership and increase the participation of children and families.


A generous and much-appreciated grant from board member Suzanne Frederick started the Scholarship Fund rolling. Each year 10 percent of monies collected by fundraisers for Wellesley Historical Society are allocated for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund. For more information and to learn how to lend your support for the further education of Wellesley youth, please contact the Society at director@wellesleyhistoricalsociety.org.


The fund is managed by the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation on behalf of the Historical Society. The Wellesley Scholarship Foundation has provided financial assistance to college- and trade-school-bound Wellesley students through need and merit-based scholarships since 1951. Their dedication and experience are welcomed by the WHS Scholarship Fund.