Additional Resources

  • The Wellesley Townsman. Access to the digitized, searchable Townsman (1906-1989) is available through the Wellesley Free Library and funded by the Wellesley Free Library Centennial Fund.
  • 1856 Map of the Town of Needham, Norfolk County, Mass. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Norman B. Levanthal Map Center. See areas marked “West Needham” and “Grantville” for areas of Needham that were incorporated as the town of Wellesley in 1881.
  • 1897 Atlas of the Town of Wellesley, Norfolk County, Mass. Courtesy of the State Library of Massachusetts, Real Estate Atlases Collection. Please note: this is a large file and may take several minutes to download.
  • Wellesley Historical Commission.  The WHC is a separate organization from the Wellesley Historical Society.  The Commission is a department of the Town government charged with advocating for the protection of the Town’s historic assets.  The Historical Commission administers the historical house plaque program and their website provides information on historic properties and landscapes in the town of Wellesley.
  • Norfolk County Registry of Deeds.  Access registry of deed information on a property in Wellesley.
  • MACRIS.  Inventories of historic homes in Wellesley and other cities in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts Historical Commission.
  • Italian Americans in Wellesley Subject Guide. The following document contains transcriptions from a variety of source material. Where digital access to the original source material exists, links have been provided.