Bringing Our History Home

Wellesley Historical Society Capital Campaign

History is a vital component of the civic and cultural life of our community. Preserving and interpreting Wellesley’s past informs the way we understand our world today, shapes the decisions we make for our future, and helps us build a strong community identity.

For 95 years, the Wellesley Historical Society has preserved Wellesley’s history for future generations. The Society, based in the Dadmun-McNamara House, continues to increase its collections, exhibits, programs, and gatherings, and has outgrown its current space.

When the Stanwood House became available, the Society jumped at the chance to acquire it. This beautiful and historic, 5,000 square-foot home provides ample space to house the Society’s current and future collections and to host a growing calendar of programs and events. Its central location is visible and accessible to all. Expanding into the Stanwood House will allow the Society to realize its vision of enriching Wellesley life and identity through community engagement and preservation of our collective heritage.

With the Stanwood House purchased and initial preparation work complete, there remain several challenges that the Society must meet to continue its success for the next 95 years.

To Do This, We Need Your Help!